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Waxing isn’t just about hair removal. It’s a skincare treatment as well. My fast and effective waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth. Before your first waxing service, please allow a minimum of fourteen days of hair growth if you shave. Don't be concerned if it's too long and I'll take care of it! 

Women tend to shy away from waxing because they think it could be too painful or too embarrassing. But with the popularity of waxing and the development of new waxes, many women are opting for a sexy and smooth look. I am fully trained & experienced in women's waxing and understand the needs of body waxing for women. I provide a safe and clean environment, and my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible.

Main Contraindications Before Waxing Services

  • Retin A or Acutane (Acne medication) – You must be off this medication treatment a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing. Skincare products containing glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids must be discontinued 3-5 days before the waxing service.

  • LUPUS, Diabetic, Epilepsy, chemotherapy, ongoing medication such as early-stage cancer.

Avoid Before Waxing Service

Don't exfoliate 24 hours to 48 hours prior to waxing, Avoid caffiene intake, Do not coat your body or areas need to be wax with lotion, potions, creams or any products.

After Care

Avoid exercise, hot showers, swimming, tight clothing, wearing jeans pants,Tanning and UV exposure for 24 hours after waxing treatment

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