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My Approach to Massage Therapy/Bodywork

Many of us sought holistic or complementary health alternatives when Western medicine has failed us. In my practice, I combine various manual therapies to develop an individualized program for you. Wether it's through deep tissue massage,myofascial release, chinese acupressure, sound healing,reiki healing,trigger point therapy, vibrational therapy, breathing techniques, manual lymph drainage, or exercise, we will be working together to help you optimize your health and well being.

My approach-working with you to design a session that is as individual as you are, drawing from a variety of techniques that will bring you the most benefit and balance - may seem time-consuming at first. But I have found this attention to understanding the details of a client's distress to be the most effective way of dealing with issues of recovery.

What to Expect...

In your first session, we will discuss your medical history, and get to know about your needs ands goal. Every person is different and everybody is different - for that reason, I will always personalize each visit and each treatment. This assessment will make your treatment much more effective. It allows me to determine what could be causing your issue, as well other potential contributing factors. I focus on the root cause as well as addressing the immediate symptoms.

This initial intake interview takes time... likely more than you may have experienced if you have worked with other therapist. I believe taking the time to understand your issues is time well spent.

Before beginning your treatment, I will explain what I believe is the problem and the treatment plan. This will include how to position yourself on the massage table/bed, any article of clothing that should be removed,parts of the body I will work on, and the techniques I plan on using.

Please be aware that the entire body is interconnected, and because of this I will most likely have to treat an area that you didn't even know had a problem.

After your massage therapy is over, we will discuss what I found. I will often suggest and demonstrate some exercises to do at home. In many cases these exercises are just as important as your massage therapy treatments to achieving lasting relief.

In subsequent sessions, we will first review your response to the last session. The type of body work that is most effective for you can vary from session to sessions, so it is important for us to discuss any current symptoms/issues to determine a plan going forward. 

My objective is to, first and foremost,make a positive impact on your wellness and quality of life.


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