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In Yoga, there is a sense of flow and continuity and tuning in. Yoga is not just about the postures, it is a away of being in space and time, tuning our awareness to the joys of movement and stillness.

I have studied massage as well, and I use elements of both blended together in my own practice and teaching. In class, I try to cater to everyone's individual needs. At my studio, where the groups are small, it is easier to give lots of personal attention. I give options and variations so that you can have a "customized practice" in a group fitness format. It means that one person can choose to have an energizing, challenging practice and the person on the next mat can have a less demanding practice at the same time.

In private lessons, it is all about you and your needs. If you are new to Yoga, it might benefit you to have a few private classes first before you venture out into a group class. I can help you with learning the poses and breathing techniques in a way that would suit your body type, your health issues, and your goals the best. You can then take those skills and practice with confidence anywhere anytime.

If you have been practicing for some time and want to take your practice to another level, one-on-one instruction can help you do that. I can assist you in mastering challenging poses and advanced breath work, as well as meditation and beyond.

If you are suffering from past injuries or other health issues, I can help you put together a program that would be beneficial. Whether it's injury, an illness, general stress, addiction, trauma, or lack of self-confidence, there is always a way that Yoga can positively impact your recovery. Yoga practice can promote awareness and acceptance of the present mind, body, and spirit, and provides tools for creating positive change and healing.


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