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Eyebrow Threading

Hair removal originated in India 6000 years ago and has gained popularity in Western countries in recent decades. 

As an alternative to waxing, threading can be used on the eyebrows and the face in areas such as cheeks and lips. This form of hair removal provides extended periods of relief from hair re-growth up to 4-6 weeks.

Threading, as compared to waxing, is considered a more precise form of hair removal and provides control for shaping eyebrows and is gentler on the skin. This makes it perfect for clients that have sensitivities to waxing and other hair removal methods. A fine polyester or cotton thread is rolled over the unwanted hair and then removed from the follicle. 


Eyebrow Threading $15.00

Forehead Threading $15.00

Cheek Threading $15.00

Lip Threading $10.00

Chin Threading $12.00

Neck Threading $10.00

Eyebrow Thread+Tint $30.00

Full Face Threading $35.00

Lip, Chin and Cheek Threading $29.00

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